Kate Richmond

Chief Talent Officer

Chief Talent Officer
Chief Cherry Picker

What I do

My superpower is listening. I mine the insights that drive the decisions that disrupt the disruptors. Keeping tabs on our client-focused ecosystems, appointing the right people for maximum impact. Run a team of top-talent, nurturing and searching for top-talent. Connecting the right people to the work that will inspire.

Lead a group of culture personal trainers. We learn what makes employees tick, help them rise to the challenge, push them to be better and show up before they need us. Our goal: Give them what they need to bring home the gold.


Why I’m inspired by what I do

It’s about working every day with passionate, clever and incessantly curious people. People who thrive in a dynamic culture, and don’t let things like passport lines or an ocean keep them from making things happen across the world.


My driving force

Right answers are boring. If you talk to enough brilliant people, you’ll find that what is correct isn’t the question that matters. It’s, what will work? So, what’s the answer you’re looking for? I’ve no shortage of brilliant people.


What I do when I’m not working

I’m hopping borders and stamping passports. Freshening up my perspectives. Sometimes I have a broken compass, but I always find a good story or a grand adventure.