Katie Huang Shin

President, Technology and Chief Strategy Officer

President, Technology and Chief Strategy Officer
Tenacious Puzzle Solver

What I do
I major in problem solving with a minor in record breaking.  I raise the bar at work, and I lead with a conscience.

Every day I am inspired to transform our business , our people, and how we address our clients’ biggest communications challenges, in the U.S. and around the world.

Why I do what I do
I believe communications is a powerful vehicle for improving business competitiveness. I loathe incremental publicity and detest “pedestrian PR”.

I live to prove to clients they do deserve the best, partnerships can be long-lasting, and there is an agency that puts their client’s interest ahead of their own.    

I signed a lifetime membership to the professional consultancy business.  I see this as an extraordinary canvas on which to build and foster the best business communications leaders and client advisers.

My driving force
Making a difference. Strive to leave everything I do, everything I touch better. Continue to live up to the exemplary examples set forth by my amazing parents.

When I’m not working
Not working? Never.  I love what I do. I am almost always thinking about my teams, my clients, and our business.  It does not feel like “work”. It’s about work life integration, it’s about deliberate choices and decisions you make in life.  Work. Life. Purposefully fused.

Hanging out with my husband and our beloved canine child, Milkshake Shin. 

Keep convincing myself I can lift free weights and pedal/spin fast on a bike at the same time.