Kristin Flor Perret

Senior Vice President, Global Marketing

Senior Vice President, Global Marketing

Kristin Flor Perret has more than thirty years of experience in marketing and sales, from hand-to-hand selling on the floor to ecommerce to billion dollar enterprise deals.

Kristin has led startups, mid-size enterprises, Fortune 100 companies and agencies through dramatic change and growth. She’s worked agency-side, brand-side, and as a consultant to deliver integrated communications across earned, paid and experiential for some of the biggest B2B and B2C brands on the planet, including Microsoft, Amazon, Cisco, Toyota, Nestlé, Nike, and many more.

Kristin believes every interaction with a brand should add value. To build that value for her clients, she’s helped create massive communities via social channels, influencers and live events. She has also built and led high-performing creative, account and strategy teams for more than fifteen years.

In her current role as SVP of Global Marketing for WE Communications, Kristin works to grow awareness of our services and establish WE as one of the most admired and successful independent communications agencies in the world. Kristin is one of the marketers responsible for managing WE Communications’ international study, Brands in Motion. When it launched last year, Brands in Motion established a new paradigm of brand performance, debunking the value of brand positioning in favor of brand motion, and revealed four new realities brands face in today’s business environment.

The Institute of PR voted the study number two in their 2017 international recognition of great studies for communication professionals. Kristin uses this as a powerful platform to help brands understand and master the forces driving their motion – and how to create deep connections at an emotional and rational level with customers in order to thrive in an ever-changing marketplace.

Kristin understands the importance of balance — she has been a working mother almost her entire career. She lives in a bilingual household, is classically trained in ballet, and spends a lot of time driving to her son’s baseball games.



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