Stephanie Marchesi

President, Health Sector & Eastern Region

President, Health Sector & Eastern Region

What I do
I am an enigmatologist.  I solve puzzles for a living -- the bigger the better. 

I ask lots of questions and listen closely to the answers, in order to help our clients recognize the central communications problems behind their business challenges.  I dig deep to understand where they are today, where they need to be tomorrow, and to identify the barriers in the way.  I then push to conceive of the strongest ideas and apply the full range of public relations solutions to drive awareness, understanding, influence and engagement.

Why I do what I do
I believe in the power of public relations and communications to help organizations and people communicate better.  The world is full of important stories that have yet to be told.  Stories, that when heard by the right people, at the right time, via the right channels, can move minds and inspire others to act – and sometimes do great things.

My driving force
First, to solve problems.  Second, to do so by doing the right thing.  Third, to find new ways to do those things better.  Fourth, to have fun along the way.

The coolest thing I’ve done
I can’t pick just one.  I led the turn-around of a business that had not grown in five years.  Helped merge two mid-size agencies to create one of the top-ten largest agencies in the world.  Refreshed a stale company brand with a new award-winning brand platform.  Helped millions of people by giving a name to and introducing the first treatment for a debilitating mental illness that had previously gone unrecognized.  Led the acclaimed team that brought the number one prescribed drug in the world over-the-counter.

When I’m not working
Wife to one and mother of two; aspiring yogi; passionate home cook; amateur pianist; fan of the arts; wanderlust traveler; and… occasional binge watcher.