Aaron Petras

Vice President, Global Agency & Partner Strategy

Vice President, Global Agency & Partner Strategy
Professional Solution Maker

What I do

On a quest for global domination….I mean collaboration. I work to bring our people, our partners and our clients closer to the markets and integrated solutions they need to move their businesses forward. With my team, I find great partners and find ways to make them an extension of our business.

The world is a big place if you try and go it alone. My work looks to shrink that footprint and turn all the other agency models on their heads. Don’t be a dinosaur; find new ways to work with smart friends.

Why I do what I do

Seeing all angles of the business means stepping up to have a hand in growing it. It’s incredibly rewarding to create a vision, craft a strategy and work with smart people to make it all come true.

My driving force

Knowing that in every situation, a solution exists–you just have to be willing to see it. My mission is to leave everything better than when I found it. Every. Single. Time.

When I’m not working

I don’t camp. I don’t traverse crevasses. My idea of roughing it involves being poolside on vacation with my family. My favorite exercise to alleviate the dreaded dad bod? Bending down to pick up toys.

People to Know