Dawn Beauparlant

Chief Client Officer

Chief Client Officer
Storytelling Ninja

What I do
On a permanent tech safari. Constantly hunting for my client’s next breakthrough moment, while navigating a landscape of short attention spans and uninvited guests (from cyber-attacks to tricky corporate issues).

Harness the team’s tech savvy, creative flare and influence chops to drive new stories, shift perceptions, and own the conversation for the likes of Microsoft, T-Mobile, F5, Honeywell and more.

Build communications campaigns that leave a mark in customers’ mind and catapult them to take action.

Why I do what I do
There’s always a new challenge. New adventure. New story. It’s perpetual motion, always learning.

My driving force
Rallying the right set of minds to accomplish surprising, unexpected, amazing things. It’s about the things we can do together and technology provides a limitless place to play.

When I’m not working
I’m a runner and seeker of outdoor adventures. Newest mission: Get the family all skiing (remember, I’m from Texas). Still struggling with how to elegantly lug massive amounts of gear up to the mountain.