Henry Wood

Regional Head of Digital, Asia Pacific

Regional Head of Digital, Asia Pacific
Digital Alchemist

What I do

Fusing teams to determine what draws your customers to your brand, then zeroing in on the impact zone with insightful creative and killer copy. In other words, maintaining the Insight & Analytics and Creative machines.

Pulling the numbers, distilling the data, and blowing it out into continent spanning campaigns for clients the likes of Swiss Re, MediaTek, Jeep, Bodyshop, ZTE and Club Monaco.

I’ve lived in China and Hong Kong for 15 years. I speak Mandarin. You have a business problem? I have an interesting point of view and a solution. Let’s work it through and get you on the awards stage.

My driving force

Challenge accepted! It’s about creating the definitive solution to your problem, and presenting the results to mutual acclaim. Fanfare, awards. Shiny gold statues. 

The coolest thing I've done

I formed a company that brought DJs to perform on the Great Wall of China. Everyone should start their own company once in their lives. Be bold.

When I’m not working

I’m reading. If I’m not reading, I’m either playing tennis, hiking, reading or dining with friends. Yes, it’s in there twice. I read a lot.

People to Know