Iris Laband

Executive Vice President, Insight and Analytics

Executive Vice President, Insight and Analytics
Insight Provocateur

What I do

I inspire companies to play “Moneyball.” I challenge gut-feeling-based decisions. I take controversial POVs seriously. I’m laser focused on predicting the future, recalculating and recalibrating ROI. That is what I do. I revolutionize the game by building teams that find insights faster, before anybody else does. We’re way past deriving meaning from data, and are now full-speed ahead to “out-think” and act faster than the competition. Speed in data-driven decision-making is the new secret weapon. It takes great teams, great technology and great process to make it a reality. The Data Science race to insights. That is my game.

Why I do what I do

I’m a data junkie who loves finding creative ways to bring insights to life. I ask questions. Lots of questions. And I want to measure everything. “Can we quantify that?” “Why is this happening”? “What is going to happen next?” “What should we do about this?” I’m compelled to look to the future, and data science is my crystal ball.

It excites me to anticipate what the next big question will be, and have the data all ready to go when the question is asked. I want to understand what works and what doesn’t. Uncovering patterns and surprises and then deriving business impact from the data discoveries is riveting. If we can’t act on the data why collect it?

What are my driving forces?

Predicting the future. Harnessing the power of data assets. Amplifying data-driven DNA across the organization. Inspiring smart people to think big, tell stories with data, connect the analytical brains to the business to create big splashes of impact. I like challenging assumptions and gut-feeling-based decisions. Can we prove that what we think is happening is really happening?

When I’m not working

Sipping a Negroni. Inline skating somewhere close to water. Letting my teenage daughters teach me how to take a good selfie. Listening to loud industrial music in my car and trying hard to resist the urge to exceed the speed limit (where is the Autobahn?).

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