Jennifer Granston Foster

Global Chief Operating Officer

Global Chief Operating Officer
Change Junkie

What I’m good at
Assembling the right crew of communications titans, thought provokers and social saboteurs. Giving them the keys, and watching them launch you onto the front page and make you internet famous over and over again.

Rejecting the notion of good enough. It’s about attaching a “why” to everything and acting with purpose. It’s about being bold, clever and finding new ways to tell our story and more importantly, yours.

Listening and acting. Surrounding employees with the right tools, resources, and opportunities to live their passion, spot the next big chance to win you over, and deliver killer results.

Why I love what I do

I’m for driving big change. I scan the horizon, plotting the course, empowering and influencing to put our teams in the right position to deliver. No day is like the next.

The coolest thing I've done
Left all my wedding gifts in storage to go ski the French Alps which turned into four years in WE’s London office. Most compelling recruiting tactic: “Hey, your stuff is already in boxes.” OK, let’s go!

When I’m not working
Besides maxing out my passport stamp collection? I’m skiing, paddle boarding, hiking, anything that gets me outside breathing in fresh air. Or, moving dirt at the “Garagemahal,” which I’ll tell you about over a Moscow Mule sometime.

People to Know