Marcus Sorour

Vice President, UK

Vice President, UK

What I do

Part of the brilliant London-based communications dynamo. Help organizations connect with their audience, change perceptions, increase sales and improve brand affinity.

Work closely with a committed team to brush away the clutter, find the insight, and generate constellation sized ideas and campaigns for brands such as FSC, Microsoft, iRobot, HTC, and Honeywell.

Doubling down on my cross sector knowledge and experience to listen, bring a fresh angle, and crack open challenges with our clients and partners.

Why I do what I do

Effective communication can be transformational for a business, or an individual. If done well. The results are more tangible than ever.

The coolest thing I've done

Launching the WE South Africa office. Fostering sustainable growth during my time in Jo'burg by attracting diverse talent and retaining tier-one local and global brands.

When I’m not working

I love running, reading non-fiction and playing chess. I'm a fan of organic food and exploring London's lesser-known attractions with my wife and dogs.