Matthew Lackie

Executive Vice President, Asia Pacific

Executive Vice President, Asia Pacific
Master Orchestrator

What I’m good at

Bringing our powerhouse comms engine across the hemisphere, from China to Australia, and from India to Singapore, and every market in between.

Driving and uniting the APAC teams under one unified banner, for a single purpose: Building transcendent campaigns that resonate around the globe.

Showing up with your brilliant team of integrated solution-makers to put you at the impact point of the collision of technology, people and brands.

My driving force

I’m for bringing together teams across the region that are as different as oil and water. Building them into a regional dynamo. And watching them bring their smarts to create campaigns that turn clients into superheroes.

The coolest thing I've done

Picking up shop and moving to China. Embracing the culture and learning to listen deeply, asking the right questions, appreciating nuance and practicing humility.

When I’m not working

I’m gearing up with a plastic stethoscope, a futbol, or a magic wand and chasing around my 6- year old and 3-year old.