Tiffany Cook

Executive Vice President, Consumer North America

Executive Vice President, Consumer North America
Consumer Gladiator (We wear the white hats)

What I do

As the North America Consumer sector lead, I’m connecting with brands that share our DNA to crave the creative and need the new, day in and day out.

Running this inspiring team of consumerists that creates unforgettable, can’t stop talking about, water-cooler “did that just happen?” moments for your brand’s customers. “Yup, that just happened.”

Eliminating the predictable, while creating surprises and demonstrable results for brands such as Volvo, Victoria’s Secret, Woodford, Microsoft, Safeway and

Why I love what I do

Delivering the surprise one day and the delight the next. Embracing the change, reacting to the latest breaking issue, and putting the final touches to tomorrow’s big headline.

The coolest things I’ve done

Bringing the iconic Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to the web, and strutting the pink carpet to ring the NYSE opening bell. Followed closely by landing all of Microsoft’s gadgets on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” for her Twelve days of Christmas special.

When I’m not working

Kicking back to read Vogue, Brit + Co, Variety, Sharp Heels or Clementine Daily.Planning one of my boys’ epic birthday party adventures. Scoping out the latest trending hashtags, breakdowns and breakups, and pop culture headlines.