Alyssa Garnick

Managing Director, NY Market Lead

Managing Director, NY Market Lead
Idea Worshiper


What I do

I try.  I consistently try to come up with new ideas for brands, investigate more efficient ways to do things, and create adventurous moments where the teams and clients can be happy.

Why I do what I do

Because I think communications is broad enough to keep me challenged and interested for years and because it’s important enough to move reputations, sales, elections and markets.

My driving force

To become a person my daughters can admire.  

The coolest thing I've done

The coolest thing I have done is help a client dream up and execute an iconic program that got the results and recognition of a lifetime, and it cost $13,000.

When I’m not working

I carry my love for communications home with me: I promote this profession to young college students trying to find their first jobs that ideally match their passions, I encourage young women in our business to share their ideas fearlessly and I encourage my kids to stand up (for themselves, for others, for their beliefs) to stand out.  In my real down time, I like to come up with theories for any mysterious things happening around us, and I like to decorate and entertain in our home. This quest for answers and new ideas both satisfies me and forces my husband to basically earn a black belt in loving tolerance.


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