Matthew Trocchio

SVP and General Manager, Austin

Lead Investigator


Why WE?

Although I may have a flair for tech campaigns, my true passion is team building. What drew me to WE is the opportunity to work with such incredibly creative and hardworking PR pros from coast-to-coast who always strive to produce ground-breaking programs. The chance to work with the group in Austin and help elevate the WE brand across Texas was an opportunity I could not pass up! 

What is your driving force?

My drive comes from my inability to ever be satisfied. As my own worst critic, I am always pushing myself to be more creative, more aggressive or more tenacious. To quote the poet Diddy “can’t stop, won’t stop.”


What superpower do you bring to WE?

I must have found the Resurrection Stone at Hogwarts because I have the power to bring editorial programs back from dead.


What I do or what I’m good at

I’m the Sherlock Holmes of Tech PR. I am always looking for the answer to the question “what story hasn’t been told?”


Why I love what I do, or why I do what I do?

If anyone has seen the Bill Murray classic “Groundhog Day” you know there is a madness to doing the same thing every day. What I love about working in an agency is knowing that every day is different with new challenges, victories and laughs.