Melissa Havel

Executive Vice President, Technology North America

General Manager, Portland Office
Communications Pro with Moxie


What I do
Curiosity is the name of my game. Always ask why, seek to understand more. Ready at a moment’s notice to turn interesting information into stories that make our clients’ customers stand up and take notice. 

Find inspiration from the creative force, excellence in influence and tech smart team around me. Shift conversations and perceptions through powerful storytelling and campaigns for the likes of technology companies transforming the industry.

Work with an incredible team of people who embody all that Portland is and aspires to be.  

Why I do what I do
See the world in a new way every day. Never bored, always busy. Laughing and learning all the way home.

My driving force
Finding the possible in the seemingly impossible. Bringing the right team of people together to achieve all that and more together, and for our clients. Technology is the platform for possibilities.

When I’m not working
I’m always on the go, rooting for my girls from the soccer and lacrosse sidelines; skiing, hiking and exploring all that Portland and the NW offer. Working on enjoying the “downtime” in life (turns out, it’s hard for me to sit still).


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