Rebecca Wilson

CEO, WE Buchan

CEO, WE Buchan
Leader of the Kangaroos



What I do

As CEO at WE Buchan in Australia my role is tri-focused on leadership and direction of the business, operational management, and consulting. All equally challenging and rewarding in their own way and without fail almost always overlaying each other.

Why I do it

To have your fingerprints over not one but many hundreds of businesses over my careers is a privilege and so rewarding, particularly when you look at an organization today and see the advice or work from the past weaved within it.

My driving force

Tenacity and agility are the anchor points in my both personal and professional life.  The ability to make something happen, circumnavigate challenges, and seize opportunities requires the two to work harmoniously.  Surrendering is not an option, and change is essential and always at our fingertips.

The coolest thing I've done

Stood atop a three tiered pyramid on water, lunched with Bill Clinton, and water skied at 100 miles p/h.

When I'm not working

I’m hanging out with my children Flynn (9) and Milla (6) and my husband. We have a shared passion for travel, running, skiing (snow and water) and our friends.