Stephanie Worrell

General Manager & SVP, Health

General Manager & SVP, Health



Why WE?

What about WE do you admire/look forward to being a part of?  I joined WE to be part of the smartest and most collaborative team on earth.  They say you are who you surround yourself with and I knew from the very first conversation that I wanted to be surround by “WE People.” 


What is your new role? 

As the senior vice president and managing director of WE’s Boston office, I’m responsible for operations, business development, financial management and providing senior counsel across accounts. 


What opportunities do you see in this role? 

I’m thrilled about creating relationships on the East Coast and growing the Boston office.  I’ve been really connected to the Midwest, West Coast and Pacific Northwest and have already positively experienced the deep character, traditions and personality of the East. 


What is your driving force? 

Helping people realize that they can do or be anything they want.  Whether it is one of my kids or a young professional, it’s important to me that they understand that their potential is limitless.


What superpower do you bring to WE?

The ability to see the future or the long view.  In fact, I paid part of my college tuition reading Tarot cards and palms.  It’s served me well, especially in the PR biz.