Steve Kerns

General Manager, SVP, San Francisco

General Manager, SVP, San Francisco
Chief of Encouragement



What I do
I solve, build and encourage. Boil that down and I provide strategic communication counsel to clients, spearhead local sales and marketing efforts and take care of WE's most important asset: our people. I also concoct agency office magic through key initiatives such as great snack selection, the timely and appropriate application of team outings and helping folks wrap up by Friday afternoon so they can start their weekends.

Why I do what I do
We're living in a special place at a special time. Technology is impacting how we live our lives, how organizations manifest their priorities and how the future is being considered and defined. In parallel, the communications industry is changing rapidly and dynamically. Not being a part of the intersection of those historic changes would be a missed opportunity.

My driving force
I think we all have super powers, and two of mine are not being afraid to be me, and helping others do the same for themselves. To some degree, we're all weirdos. When you can see how your individuality provides an irreplaceable asset, weirdness fades to strength. After that, I like to promote my preferred approaches to business: kindness, prioritizing good work and keeping it mellow. 

Coolest thing I’ve ever done
Making a life in San Francisco is the coolest thing I've ever done. I'm fortunate to have worked with an amazing collection of the communications professionals based here. Learning from them helped set me up with the special job I have now. Oh, and I watched the San Francisco Giants win three World Series trophies, have quick access to world class beaches and mountains, managed to thread the find-a-great-neighborhood-to-live-in needle and experience no shortage of culinary and nightlife options. Details, details. 

When I’m not working
I’m being an active family man—is a big priority for me. In a home with two busy professionals, managing work schedules, getting homework done, remembering if the dog was fed, determining what's for dinner and finding time to sweep the hallway is a formidable challenge. For us, WE's mantra of work/life balance empowers this adventure we're on. And when I'm not mastering that equilibrium, I'm squeezing in time with friends or riding a bike that goes nowhere.