Driven by Purpose, WE Makes a Difference

Baked into the DNA of WE since our inception has been the idea that we are a purpose driven company. Purpose can mean many things for an organization, but for us, that meaning stems from the conviction that we are here to make a positive difference in our world. We meet head on what matters most to us as individuals, we give generously of our time and resources, and we care about the communities where we work and live.

This past year, we united all of our offices worldwide for our global Day of Giving. We supported education focused nonprofits and nearly 500 of our employees spent the day tutoring kids in after school programs, cleaning and organizing classrooms, packing and delivering school supplies, and other activities. In one day, we volunteered 1,738 hours to organizations in need.

Piloted this year, the Global Probono Experience sent a small team of employees on a month long volunteering experience to Accra, Ghana, where they used their professional skills to benefit local health systems and organizations. Chrissy Vaughn, Stephanie Miceli, and Hugh Adams worked with a team that consisted of 13 professionals from four countries and four other companies. For their specific assignments, Hugh and Chrissy worked with the Ghana Registered Midwives Association assisting them with its administration structure and communications strategy. Stephanie worked with the Nneka Youth Foundation to communicate the impact of their work with a goal of more effective fundraising.

Last year, over 90 individual organizations benefited from WE employees, either through use of the 16 volunteer hour benefit, or other grants, donations and contributions. More than 60% of employees used their volunteer hours supporting causes that they care about most – from crafting Easter baskets for children with the YWCA Seattle, to spending time mentoring the kids of Imizamo Yethu in Soweto in Johannesburg, to collecting trash via kayak in Lake Union, or keeping shelter dogs company in San Francisco, we explored our passions and interests and were proud to be able to give back.

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