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— WE Comms Interns 

Ever wonder what it’s like to be an intern with WE Communications, beyond the day-to-day tasks? Our interns from across the nation have collaborated to provide tips for surviving, and thriving, at the agency. Even though summer is in full swing, you can leave the bug spray and flashlights at home, because this intern survival guide is strictly business.

Tip #1: Get to Know Your Surroundings

  • Whether you’re figuring out where the candy is stashed in the office, or finding the coolest happy hour spot in the neighborhood, be ready to explore your surroundings and take on this new adventure. Knowing the ins and outs of the office and the city around you will help you acclimate to the culture and atmosphere your co-workers call home. And when you feel at home, it can translate into confidence.
  • At WE, questions and career advice are always encouraged because you don’t know what you don’t know. Push yourself to set up individual meetings with senior leadership and attend office outings with your colleagues. These casual get-togethers allow you to gain valuable insight about developing your career and can provide you with an additional mentor to guide you through your time at the agency.

WE Communications Interns                      

Tip #2: Travel in a Pack

  • It’s important to find your crew—the group of people who share your interest in discussing the latest mystery podcast or brunching at every restaurant in town. And with 18 offices around the world, it couldn’t be easier at WE! Whether you’re interested in all things pop culture or passionate about paddling in dragon boat races to benefit cancer survivors, WE has a place for you. Doing this will give you a support system where you can ask questions, and also learn from one another’s experiences.

Tip #3: Keep Your Ear to the Ground

  • Part of working in communications is immersing yourself in your client’s world (it’s not as scary as it sounds). As interns, we pride ourselves in doing our part to contribute fresh ideas; after all, we come in with a fresh perspective! To stay ahead of the game and better serve our clients, we keep up with the latest happenings in the industry. With the help of resources like Twitter, industry blogs and relevant newsletters, we follow trends across industries and stay on top of the latest fads, hashtags, gadgets, publications, YouTube stars, you name it. Being trendy means being up-to-date. And that gives you the confidence you need to pipe up with that winning idea.
  • What sets WE apart from other agencies is the accessibility of our employees.  There’s always great opportunities to learn from within, including execs who have seen and done it all for decades and junior staff on the front lines who scour the news, track industry developments and craft influencer relationships like it was going out of style. And when your agency expertise includes pivotal sectors like technology, social innovation, consumer and healthcare, you need to be able to turn on a dime. By staying proactive and gleaning wisdom from your peers, you can showcase yourself as a valuable asset to the team and contribute the big ideas that will make you stand out.

So there you have it: our top tips for rocking an internship at WE. From strategic insights shared by execs, to advice from staff on the front lines of data collection and coverage tracking, we’ve been sharpening our professional skills, acclimating to the office culture and diving into the rapidly-changing world of communications. Like what you see? Keep an eye on our job listings for the next round of applications.

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