Welcome to Content Matters 2016 - India


 Welcome to Content Matters 2016, the third edition of our annual research report on how customers are engaging with brands.

The debut edition in 2014 explored how content on social media channels drove the bottom line for businesses in creating brand advocacy and purchase consideration. The year following, it focused on what content is most likely to be shared by customers online, using which device and on what platforms across multiple key sectors. While results were strikingly different for countries within the APAC region, owing to the diversity of the continent, it was clear that customers want to be connected to brands and even actively advocate them given the right content for engagement, on the right platforms.

This year, we extended the report to explore not just WHAT gets shared and WHERE but also the very important element of WHEN? WE Insight & Analytics (I&A) connected with customers across India to understand the impact of life stages, time of day, day of week and month on purchase decisions and advocacy behaviour, in addition to nature of content and platforms. So not only do we know how from our previous reports around what devices they use, which platforms they prefer and which verticals drive most brand advocacy, but also, how timing impacts the effectiveness of audience engagement for measurable business outcomes.

We hope that these insights from Content Matters 2016 help you drive more influential branding, communications and marketing strategies for greatest business impact.

Madhuri Sen
Managing Director
WE Communications India

Content Matters 2016 - India will be released on 8 March 2016.

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