From Like to Buy

To say technology has changed the way we shop is an understatement. The rise of mobile, social and other digital shopping tools was meant to make shopping easier, but trying to capture the attention of an ever-elusive customer base has proven difficult.

To help tackle this retailer dilemma, last year WE released key findings in the report “Romancing the Store,” which analyzed how women shop in today’s technology-driven retail environment. Now, in partnership with YouGov, WE builds upon these points with new insights into women’s social and, surprisingly, antisocial behavior in shopping to understand what moves them, in our new report, “From Like to Buy.” 

For example, retailers may be surprised to learn:

  • Nearly 40% of women would rather forego makeup, sweets, or sex for at least a month than shop via social media
  • Only 9% of women use a retailer's app to make purchases
  • Amazon leads the pack of purchases, outnumbering direct website purchases

To understand why they may be thinking about Gen X and Gen Y in the wrong ways, and the challenges that make social purchasing a chore, retailers that want to leverage key insights about their core female audiences need this report.

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