Our Boston team sits at the intersection of a profound change in healthcare communications. Big data, personalized care, digital medicine — it’s all a tidal wave of implications and opportunities that we live and breathe each day. And WE Boston is right in the thick of it.

From pharmaceutical breakthroughs to biotechnology, digital health, and devices and diagnostics, our Boston team is proud to champion the next big thing that will save lives, address the current limitations of healthcare delivery, and contribute to a better system. Our talented crew also represent B2C innovators and enterprise technology brands as well. Need to tell a story? We’re wicked good at it.


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Kristen Berry
Senior Vice President, Health and General Manager, Boston

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5 Strategies for Health Communicators during the Election

5 Strategies for Health Communicators during the Election

WE's Health team outlines five ways healthcare communicators and brands can cut through the noise and disinformation this election season.

The New Healthcare Brand Imperative

The New Healthcare Brand Imperative: Healthcare brands must be different in the face of indifference

The healthcare industry is one of the most innovative industries in the world — so why do healthcare brands have such a hard time connecting with consumers?

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