Our Johannesburg office is uniquely positioned to help brands strike up conversations with influencers and new audiences, not just in South Africa, but across the continent. We serve as a central hub providing brands throughout Africa with a locally relevant voice that resonates with consumers, media and businesses across technology, consumer and transportation sectors. Our consultants stimulate debate, generate excitement and form long-term relationships between brands and stakeholders. We do so via engaging storytelling, experiential consumer and media events, and Pan-African media and influencer expertise. Mostly, we ensure optimal impact at the point of exchange between our customers’ brands and their audiences.

Office Location

33 Fricker Road
1st Floor 

IllovoJohannesburg 2196 
South Africa
Phone: +27 11 550 5400 


Office Leadership

James Wilson

General Manager and Vice President, South Africa

Sarah Gooding Kobus

Deputy General Manager, South Africa

Client Snapshot

Across markets, cultures and languages, we bring our clients the best wherever they may be. Solving problems, telling stories, and translating innovation is what WE does. We work in communications impact zones where people, culture, technology and brands collide. Welcome to WE.