Like the city itself, our team is diverse, creative and spirited; we too are equipped with a "London Eye" — an eye for the latest trends and breakthroughs in the PR space, helping brands of all shapes and sizes disrupt, transform and drive business impact.

With deep-rooted PR and communications expertise in the UK market, WE Communications helps brands of all shapes and sizes disrupt, transform and drive business impact. As communications specialists with expertise in public relations, content marketing, integrated communications, corporate reputation and brand purpose, we believe in the power of communications to move people to positive action.

Our UK office can be summed up in three words: diverse, independent and spirited.?We are an integrated team of writers, designers, developers and strategists. We cut through the noise and focus on what our clients really want. We specialize in media relations, social media, digital marketing, corporate communications and employee comms for consumer, health and technology brands. We are data driven. We are our people. We are our purpose. We move people to positive action. As an independent agency, our originality and creative freedom set us apart.

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The Embassy Tea House
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Ruth Allchurch Managing Director WE Communications London United Kingdom | PR Agency and Integrated Marketing

Ruth Allchurch
Managing Director, UK and Regional Executive Managing Director for EMEA, WE

What we’re known for (services)

Media Relations

Engaging key stakeholders, including influencers and media, to drive brand awareness, share key messages and create positive impact.

Content Marketing

Storytelling that inspires and drives change with best-in-class class content marketing, tailored to clients’ specific needs.


Social Media

We track the platforms and channels where conversations are happening so brands can join in.

Digital Marketing

Developing digital marketing strategies, online content, conceptual design of websites, and the creation and management of organic and paid digital marketing campaigns.


Executive Communications

Identifying opportunities through peer analysis and benchmarking, developing and executing cross-channel strategy, and landing messages to drive internal and external impact.


Corporate Reputation and Brand Purpose

We help brands across the consumer, technology and public sectors navigate today’s shifting media environment.




2023 – What's Next? Leadership, Transparency and Purpose in the Age of Uncertainty

2022 has been a year that has seen people live through war, rising inflation, climate change, and political turmoil with the systems that govern our world – political, economic, legal, corporate and cultural – being called into question.

As we enter 2023, this sense of volatility is set to continue but brands can lead the way in supporting consumers and employees by focusing on the issues impacting their daily lives.

Using insight from our Brands in Motion study and Foresight Factory, WE has created the 2023 – What’s Next? report to help brands understand the factors and forces influencing audience behaviours in the year ahead.

What's Next? Technology, Communications and the Race to Recovery

What's Next? Technology, communications and the uK's Race to Recovery

What role do Brits want technology and tech brands to play as the country recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic? WE partnered with YouGov on a new insights report to find out.



Since 2012, we’ve partnered with Aruba, an enterprise network provider, to help establish it as an industry thought leader

PointS of view

Six Things to Expect at COP27, WE Communications, UK

Communicating the Power of mRNA Therapies, Felix Cottrell, Medical Writer

Navigating Neurodivergence in the Workplace, Erin Richmond, New Business Manager, UK

Achieving Effective Communication in the Ever-Evolving Diabetes Technology Space, Karolina Fratczak, AM and Felix Cottrell, Medical Writer

Reframing the Digital Divide in Healthcare to Include Digital Literacy, Christina Corso, EVP, Health and Elizabeth Shearing Green, Director, UK

How Brands Must Defend a Free Press in the Digital Age, Ryan Sketchley, Editorial Strategist and Bryan Sketchley, Head of Digital, DMD, Germany

The UK Plus Network

WE is a member of the PLUS Network: an alliance of independent global and local agencies that offer specialist expertise across communications, public affairs, brand strategy, research, paid media, account based marketing, creative, technology and insights.

When you work with WE, you gain access to not only our specialists, but a broad pool of skillsets to meet your every brand requirement.

In the UK, our PLUS network partners are:

Our mission is to build bigger tables full of smart, creative people where everyone belongs. We saved you a seat.

At Hopscotch, we think everyone should be passionate about education. It opens doors, gives people opportunities and fuels positive change. For us, it’s all about tackling key societal issues through the power of educating, learning and engaging. We create work that transforms lives. That’s what gets us out of bed every morning — using education to help our clients create programmes and campaigns that deliver real social impact.


The Embassy Tea House
Second Floor
195-205 Union Street
London, SE1 0LN
United Kingdom


Sam Mercer
Co-Founder, Hopscotch, UK

Julie Noble
Co-Founder, Hopscotch, UK

What we’re known for (services)


We bring learning and education to life, partnering with and creating innovative content for a diverse roster of brands.


Multichannel Comms

Across paid, owned and earned channels, we help brands build and sustain long-term engagement with their audience.


Brand Marketing

We combine innovation and creative thinking to create inspirational campaigns that drive action.


Strategic Advisory

We understand our clients' business goals — and how to deliver on them for their organisation and the communities they work in.


We tap into our network of co-creators to help brands produce programmes that perfectly reflect their audience’s goals and interests.


Impact Measurement

We show clients how our work delivers meaningful social impact for their business and against their brand purpose. 

Our mission is to build bigger tables full of smart, creative people where everyone belongs. We saved you a seat.