WE team smiling

WE Give

We are about whole people, not half people, and that means fusing your work experience to what matters to YOU as a person. Giving generously in the way we behave with each other, and the world around us, sets us apart.


WE team volunteering with bookspring

Many hands + big hearts = impact. That’s the power of WE. Employees dedicate time to make communities healthier and happier with an annual bank of 16 hours of paid volunteer time to connect as a team or office. 

Learn more about how our employees nurtured young Austin bookworms with Bookspring!

"Volunteering at McBee was one of the most rewarding volunteer experiences I’ve had. It’s great knowing what you’re doing in such a small amount of time directly impacts students and teachers in such a big way.”
Account Executive, Austin


WE team giving back at Boys and Girls Club

As storytellers and storymakers, we’re passionate about partnering with organizations who are driving change and tackling audacious social problems. Pro bono teams partner with charities and foundations to connect the right minds to the mission — from sustainability to world health, education and food access. Projects are long, short, large and small, but one thing never changes — impact.

See how our employees in Washington State supported the SMART Girls Program at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Bellevue

"Once I learned more about the impact that girls education can have on so many other areas of their lives, it became a real passion point for me and being able to volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club helps put that passion into action.”
— Account Director, Bellevue


Munich team running for diakonia

Compassionate. Caring. Competitive. Some of the words to describe employees at WE. The super energetic and active types who champion a cause get their registration fees paid or a sponsorship to top up their fundraising goals. High-five to everyone who runs, rows, or bikes across the finish line for a cause.

Meet six of our Munich employees who went the extra mile to support diakonia.  

 “WE are with refugees — Munich not only opened doors for refugees, we also opened our hearts. Our team took the opportunity to attend the B2RUN and donate to diakonia.”
Senior Account Manager, Munich