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WE Inspire

We don’t just tell stories. We make them through the impact of our work. And doing this with some of the most interesting brands on the planet? Imagine the possibilities.

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Are you hitting the road to visit somewhere new? We invite you to take an extra day to meet your global teammates. WE offers a uniquely fun way to visit one of our 18 global office locations by covering accommodation and meal expenses for one day as an extension of existing personal or professional travel plans. We’ll even pay for you to check out a local museum or concert! Open to all employees, this program is one of the many ways we support collaboration and exploration across regions. Pack your bags!

“WE allows me to work with the brightest minds coast-to-coast; it’s even better that I was able to use WE Tour to put a name to a face and visit colleagues across the country in SF, NYC, Portland and Seattle!”
Account Director, Boston

GLOBAL EXCHANGEWE team giving back at Boys and Girls Club

Is working with a global team one of your career goals? Whether for a short-term or long-term assignment, our employees can apply to travel and work from a WE office in another country. Employees can discover a new culture, gain fresh perspective and broaden their international communications skills.

“When you join the WE family, you get a totally unique experience that gives you access to incredible teams and offices around the world—and with that comes an opportunity to learn and grow — fast!”
Account Director, Johannesburg


Everyone loves, and gravitates toward, a winner! Recognition through awards is one way to celebrate the amazing work being done at WE around the globe. Industry awards and our employee-generated agency Rock Star Awards showcase the best of the best. Your achievements deserve their moment to shine, so you can put a little extra swagger in your step and enjoy the moment!

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Check out these case studies to see more of WE’s inspiring ideas in action. From Technology to Healthcare, Consumer and Social Innovation, we've knocked it out of the park.

“Being able to work with clients on something like the Super Bowl is a PR dream challenge. That WE was able to score honors from across the industry certainly crowned an already awesome experience!”
— Account Director, New York