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We Learn

WE people are some of the smartest in the industry. You will learn, I mean really learn, and together we make the bright ideas shine (ding!). Get ready to earn your degree in collaboration.



Be inspired. Expand your horizons. Glean new insights from outside WE walls. Our External Speaker Series program will introduce you to some of the hottest speakers, thinkers and doers.

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Learn more about some of our External Speakers in the words of our employees: Finding Balance; Tips from a TEDx Speaker Coach; Lead Yourself to Lead the World

 “The L&D here at WE is simply best-in-class.” – Senior Vice President, San Francisco



Countless sessions offered throughout the year help employees grow as leaders, managers, PR pros and well-rounded individuals. Learning opportunities at WE get you talking, moving, doing and leave you energized to share what you’ve learned and start making an even bigger impact.

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Learn more about a Creative Problem Solving workshop our employees experienced.

 “This one was one of the most useful and highly interactive Learning & Development workshops I’ve ever attended—a great use of my time.” – Content Marketing Manager, Seattle



Conferences. Seminars. Online classes. Books... At WE we’re committed to lifelong learning as evidenced by our Continuing Education program that allows you to apply for funds for educational opportunities outside of WE.

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Making sense of journalism and media in 2017 at the The Northside Report’s two-day event hosted by BuzzFeed and The Intercept.