Ray Page presents Brands in Motion at SIC 2019

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SOURCE: https://seattleinteractive.com/

When:  October 17, 2019 

Where:  Seattle Interactive Conference, The Conference Center - Downtown Seattle, 800 Pike Street, Seattle, WA 98101

With: Ray Page, EVP, Digital and Experience Technology

Presentation:  Brands In Motion 2019: A New Model for Creativity in a Digital World

Thanks to digital technology, marketers and communicators are better able to use data to inform strategy and measure results than ever before. But in a world driven by ones and zeroes, WE Communications’ Ray Page, Executive Vice President of Digital & Experience Technology (DXT), believes brands may be losing sight of creativity and the need to connect with audiences on a human level. Armed with supporting data and insights from WE’s 2019 Brands In Motion perception study, Ray will propose a new way forward for brands to develop creative ideas that is more intentional, integrated and better reflects the world we live in today: The Trifecta Model. He’ll explain that creative power comes from adding a third role to the mix, shifting from a binary team construct to a flexible trio of creative, technology and strategy. Attendees will leave this session understanding:

  • How emotion and technology enable behavioral change (action!) with their audiences
  • Recommendations for clients on how to work with partners and agencies within a more modern workflow by having fewer presentations and more conversations
  • The importance of using data as an iterative through-line
  • How The Trifecta Model can flex depending on the objective (social platform, AI, CRM, etc.)

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