WE Communications Expertise Sector


In-depth, up close, out of box. These case studies show how we attack challenges, hatch strategy and raise trajectories

It’s not hard to argue that modern business communication strategy is a variant of chaos theory. Serial disruption does funny things to quarterly profit statements. We present these integrated case studies for their immediate calming effects. Our view is you can out-think chaos and twist it to your advantage. As first responders in the world of digital, media and communications, we’re also well equipped with the new insights and tools to create more dynamic stories. This brightens a CMO’s day and makes for a really righteous case study.

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We want a Hollywood award for Best Support of a Client. The focus is to keep them sane, out in front of social trends, fully equipped with the latest tech and way ahead of 4th quarter projections. We aim to launch them onto the cover of high profile magazines, get them a TED talk on visionary leadership, earn them first ballot entry in the Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame. In short, we want to throw their victory party.

Our expertise, fine tuned

We never mastered the flugelhorn or certain advanced yoga moves. However, we did put in our 10,000 hours on developing some highly strategic and focused skill sets. We go way beyond public relations and communications. We are WE.


Helping innovators innovate.


Translating breakthroughs for the masses.

Social Innovation

Achieving client goals in an era of change.


Driving brand recognition around the globe.

What we do, broad stroke

Overview: we solve amazing, complicated, strategic, creative, fast-moving, global and tactical mind-benders. We also enlighten through digital storytelling that keeps content in motion. That’s just Monday, right after coffee.

Transformative Storytelling

Developing narratives that resonate.

Impact Analytics

Crunching numbers. Finding answers.

Relevant, Riveting Content

Creating cohesive messages that drive brands.

Amplified Engagement

Compelling people to pay attention.