Five Questions with WE

We call it the WE network: the dynamic mix of remarkable, funny, creative, wicked-smart people we get to work with every day. From client partners to journalists, visionary thought leaders to influencers on the rise, these are the movers and shakers that inspire us to keep pushing, learning and innovating. With Five Questions with WE, we’re taking a curiosity break to chat with some of these individuals about topics near and dear to our hearts.

Learn more about:

  • The rise of artificial intelligence in communications
  • The future of influence
  • How purpose is being defined
  • How leadership can inspire and motivate others




Principal, Valin Strategic Communications

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Artificial Intelligence

From chatbots and facial recognition software to personalized shopping recommendations and self-driving cars, artificial intelligence is spilling over into nearly every aspect of our everyday lives. As AI becomes more prevalent and continues to evolve, change things, more questions arise. What impact will AI have on the future of work? What are the societal implications once these AI platforms are deployed? Come explore the impact of AI on how we communicate and lead by hearing from various experts about its boundary-pushing advancements. 

Jean Valin

Valin Strategic Communications

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Hanson Hosein

Hanson Hosein

Director of Communication Leadership
University of Washington

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Stephen Waddington

stephEn waddington

Managing Director

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Kerry Sheehan

kerry sheehan

Vice Chair, Artificial Intelligence in PR
Chartered Institute of Public Relations

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The influence ecosystem is not what it used to be. No longer can brands rely on slick marketing and a paid advertisement to drive business impact. With the proliferation of technology and segmentation of audiences and media, transactional communications is a thing of the past. Today more than ever before, brands must root themselves in deeply understanding audiences and their most trusted channels of influence in order to create lasting connections with those audiences to inspire action. See what the leading industry minds have to say on the future of influence.

Scott Stanzel

scott stanzel

Managing VP, Corporate Communications
Capital One

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Jessica Naziri

jessica naziri

Founder & CEO
Tech Sesh

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Tony Maciulis


Digital Media Expert & Adjunct Professor
Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism

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We see purpose as a driving force for success in communications, business and the world. Our Brands in Motion research shows consumers will pay more for products that have a positive impact on society, and that they expect brands to take a stand on important issues. Further, consumers believe brands can provide stability in a climate of uncertainty. As communicators, we have the opportunity to help create understanding, amplify empathy, and guide businesses to succeed in today’s complex landscape. Below highlights a collection of brand leaders, and how they are defining purpose.

Ally Svenson, Co-Founder, MOD Pizza
Pat McNeil, Chief Communications Officer, VSP Global
Melissa Hartwig, Co-Founder & CEO, Whole30
Mona Chalabi, Data Editor, The Guardian U.S.
Colleen Purdy, Experience Designer, Airbnb
Jason Hunke, Director, Executive & Employee Communications, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Mona Chalabi

Mona Chalabi, Data Editor, The Guardian


Great leaders can instigate social change, build successful companies, lead movements and more. They motivate others to perform, create and do their best, individually and collectively. Discover how industry influencers and leaders keep the spark alive in everything they pursue.  

Kieran Hannon, Chief Marketing Officer, Belkin International
Maxie McCoy, Author, Writer and Speaker
TJ Taylor, Director of Community Development, Raya


TJ Taylor

TJ Taylor, Director of Community Development, Raya