critical factors and forces that will shape communications in 2021

COVID-19 has been a forcing function for many brands, but what will this mean in 2021?

With social movements taking center stage, consumer behaviors and expectations have shifted, forcing brands to own up to their past mistakes and adapt their products and services to a more socially distanced and inclusive world.

The world is watching your brand’s every step. Our Trends 2021 whitepaper reveals the key trends shaping the communications and marketing industry and what this means for the future of your brand.

What did we discover?

  • All trends come back to purpose and brand values must drive purposeful action.
  • Remote behaviors will outlast the pandemic and our newly distanced lifestyles will be a driving force for consumer decisions as they navigate their next normal.
  • The rise of the stakeholder customer will impact and inform business strategies and two-way communications will be favored.