Campaign Asia Recognizes WE Red Bridge at its AOY Awards



Agency of the Year 2020 winners: Greater China

Here are the winners for the GREATER CHINA region in the 2020 Campaign Asia-Pacific Agency of the Year awards.

Campaign Asia-Pacific, 1 December 2020

At the 2020 edition of the Campaign Asia-Pacific Agency of the Year Awards, WE Red Bridge was recognized with [NUMBER] trophies, in the categories of: (NOTE: if one win category, change to (was recognized) "with a [LEVEL] trophy in the [CATEGORY] category." 

  • China PR Agency of the Year - [LEVEL] (NOTE: Re-order with highest level at the top)
  • Greater China Social Media Agency of the Year - [LEVEL]
  • Greater China Best Culture - [LEVEL]

Since the early 1990s, the Agency of the Year Awards have existed to recognize inspiring leadership, management excellence, outstanding business performance, and overall achievements in advertising and brand communications.