Photo of vaccine bottles - Campaign: Pharma In Focus: How The Health Sector Can Maintain Its Glow Post-Pandemic

Campaign: Maintaining the Health Sector's Glow Post-Pandemic



Healthcare Communications and Marketing Leaders Discuss Pressing Issues Facing the Industry

responding to unprecedented levels of public scrutiny and why establishing trust among patients and stakeholders has never been more critical. 

Campaign Asia, 31 August 2021

(Photo courtesy of Campaign Asia)

Pre-COVID-19, the public viewed the healthcare industry with a sense of apathy. A WE Communications whitepaper entitled “The New Healthcare Brand Imperative: Be Different in the Face of Indifference”,  released in 2020 before the pandemic began, found consumers and B2B professionals perceived the healthcare industry with skepticism and as faceless, nameless and soulless. Some 61% of respondents surveyed would go as far as shaming a prescription health brand if it stepped out of line.

Fast forward to today, vaccines, diagnostic tests and clinical trials are now everybody’s business. Pharmaceutical companies have become household names overnight, and healthcare communicators and marketers are communicating with new audiences.