Ray Page with the DXT team

Forbes: How Art, Data And Technology Drive Creativity At WE


SOURCE: https://www.forbes.com/sites/benjaminwolff/2019/06/07/the-trifecta-how-art-data-and-technology-drive-creativity-at-we-communications/#4651e2ea2149

The Trifecta: How Art, Data And Technology Drive Creativity At WE Communications

Benjamin Wolff, Forbes, June 7, 2019

In 2017, when he was executive creative director at the digital agency POSSIBLE in Seattle, Ray Page led his team on a campaign that changed the way he thought of creativity, technology and the power of data. WeCounterHate is a social media tool that leverages machine learning and deep human expertise to confront hate speech on Twitter. The success of this platform (a 50% reduction in hate retweets) inspired Page to evaluate how a creative team can better meet the challenges of our interconnected and fast-moving world.

Now executive vice-president of Digital & Experience Technology (DXT) at WE Communications, Page recently introduced a model for creative teams called the Trifecta. I sat down with Page and Kristin Flor Perret, senior vice-president, Global Marketing at WE, to talk about how this structure makes for a nimble team and delivers more creative results for WE's clients.