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Mumbrella: WE Hires a Digital & Experience Technology Team


SOURCE: https://mumbrella.com.au/we-communications-makes-2-hires-in-digital-and-experience-technology-team-674729

WE Communications in Australia Makes Two Hires in Digital and Experience Technology Team

Mumbrella, Zoe Wilkinson, Mar 22, 2021

Brian Keenan has been appointed head of strategy and Mike Nikotin has been hired as an art director.

Both Keenan and Nikotin will be working with Nichole Provatas, who heads up the digital and experience technology team. Since its inception three years ago the team has grown to almost $3 million through a surge in new clients and extended remits across the technology, health and corporate sectors.

“Clients today care more about executing the best ideas and solutions to their challenges versus the idea’s origin,” Provatas said.