PRWeek: Being more human is key to tackling apathy



Being more human is key to tackling apathy

"Brands must understand how audiences want to engage and be guided by their purpose and personality," WE Communication's Catherine Devaney tells PharmaComms

PRWeek, Feb. 11, 2020

(Image Courtesy of PRWeek)

"We know the pharmaceutical industry battles with trust. Yet, the industry has another issue that is impacting us – apathy," Catherine Devaney, Head of Health UK, WE Communications, told the audience at the PharmaComms conference.

Using data from WE’s Brands in Motion study, Devaney set out to explore this apathy – and offered some suggestions on what the industry can do about tackling it.

"The Brands in Motion study seeks to explore the premise that the idea of brand positioning is obsolete. Brands exist in a world of constant motion, which is driven by technology, economics, regulation and crises. All of these external factors affect how audiences see brands. The data helps us to understand how brands can harness that movement and navigate these complexities to win audience engagement and loyalty," said Devaney.

High expectations

Over three years, WE has surveyed 80,000 people for the study and found that people’s expectations never decrease. People want their lives to be easier; they want people to use technology responsibly; they want less division and more unity; they want deeper connections – and they want it to happen immediately.