PRWeek: Next Normal for Pharma & Healthcare Communications

May 19, 2021

SOURCE: https://www.prweek.com/article/1714942/next-normal-healthcare-pharma-comms-professionals-improve-relations-public-post-covid-19-world

How can Pharma and Healthcare Communications Professionals Improve Relations With the Public?

The pharma and healthcare sectors have a golden opportunity to strengthen ties and build public trust.

PRWeek, 19 May 2021

(Photo courtesy of PRWeek)

At a recent virtual roundtable hosted by PRWeek and WE Communications, a panel of comms professionals explore and the road ahead.

How can health and pharma brands leverage unprecedented levels of public interest to build trust, transparency and confidence beyond the COVID-19 crisis? Joining the roundtable, a panel of senior comms professionals discussed lessons learned and the road ahead.