How We Communicate with Employees is Essential as a Leader

PRWeek: Rite Aid's Jeff Olson Featured in Brandstormers



Brandstormers: Featuring Rite Aid's Jeff Olson

This Podcast Series, Brought to you by WE, is Back. With it is the Opportunity to Hear from Top Brand Leaders, Such as This 2020 PRWeek/MM+M Health Influencer.

PRWeek, 16 December 2020

(Photo Courtesy of PRWeek)

“Authenticity in purpose has to start at the top.” That is the staunch belief of Jeff Olson, VP of corporate communications at Rite Aid. As you’ll hear in this podcast, presented by WE, he not only plays a key role to ensure that standard is met by company leaders, but he has espoused it as a company leader himself since joining the top drugstore chain this past April.

As the conversation ensued, employees took center stage. They are crucial ambassadors who underscore a brand’s authentic commitment to purpose. “They need to be engaged as the top stakeholders they are,” notes Olson.

As such, employee comms is a crucial piece of the puzzle.