PRWeek: The Age Of Accountability, Business As Usual Is Dead



The Age Of Accountability: 'Business As Usual Is Dead. Hooray For That!'

Facebook and the Washington Redskins are learning that partners will no longer accept excuses for not meeting their standards.

Chris Daniels, PRWeek, 10 July 2020

(Image courtesy of PRWeek)

Emboldened by a new culture of challenging the status quo, brands are putting institutions on notice, from an 88-year-old professional sports franchise to the world’s largest social media company. 

FedEx, Nike, Coca-Cola and Starbucks are among the brands exerting their influence with companies they do business with, demanding big, history-making changes. And those progressive brands are being cheered on and counseled by agencies that are encouraging them to be ambitious.

“It’s great to witness brands adapting, flexing and changing, while using their values to drive the moves they are making,” says Melissa Waggener Zorkin, global CEO and founder of WE. “That’s going to be imperative for brands that wish to remain relevant and thrive in the times we’re living...Business as usual is dead. Hooray for that.”