Reputation Today: Respect 360°: Meet the new CEO



Shree Lahiri, Reputation Today,

Communication is important in change management. Communication is a lot more … it is about true change in the world, and that’s what storytelling involves. “We are living in a perfect storm for brands,” said Melissa Waggener Zorkin, Global CEO & Founder WE Communications as she opened her keynote address at #PRAXIS8, where she spoke about the new imperative factor in every business – 360° Respect.

What do we do as communicators? As good communicators, we tend to drive thoughts. But today, we are in a world where there is chaos, conflict, unification – all of which happens as we’re living in a “wonderful world, but also an imperfect world”. Work is complex today which means things have become more challenging. We have to make sure we build exceptional products and we run a business that is “not mutually exclusive”, with positive social impact. “360° respect – that is the true instrument that gives the right balance to how we behave”, she highlighted. It is “deep respect for our consumers”.