Henry Wood & Carolyn Camoens hosting Singapore report launch

Life Stages And Consumer Behavior

Singapore serves as the hub for many Southeast Asia headquarters given its convenient geography, stable and reliable governance, and low language barrier.

Thus when WE Communications launched the Singapore Content Matters report, providing that regional perspective would resonate better with many of their audiences who are key players in the area.

A highlight of insights shared with our audiences:


Top 3 platforms for content sharing

Singapore: WhatsApp (27%), Facebook (25%), Instagram (17%)

Hong Kong: WhatsApp (31%), Facebook (27%), Instagram (15%)

India: WhatsApp (27%), Facebook (25%), Instagram (17%)


Top 3 life stages when consumers look for new purchase/upgrades

Singapore: Promotion (24%), First Job (21%), Marriage (12%)

Hong Kong: First Job (22%), Promotion (19%), Leaving School (17%)

India: Promotion (24%), First Job (17%), Marriage (15%)


Full reports for Singapore, Hong Kong and India are available for download here.

With a crowd made of prominent industry leaders in Technology, Corporate and Consumer sectors, these findings allowed us to open the door to discussions and for all attendees to gain a better understanding of cross-industry developments and issues.

Thank you for supporting WE Communications in its first round of Content Matters report releases and look out for the second wave for China, Australia and Indonesia markets in the third and fourth quarter of 2016.