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Welcome to PLUS.

This is PLUS. Founded by WE as an alternative to the holding company models, this new approach puts you, the client, one-step away from a range of specialists and experts. Elite consultants, vibrant creatives, experience makers – all at your fingertips and with one goal: Make your stories shine across all platforms, touchpoints, and with the audiences that mean the most to you. Visit to learn more.

Brands are in constant motion. Rapidly shifting technologies have created a media ecosystem where consumers can engage you with every device, medium and moment. To stay ahead of this moving target, brands need to forge those relationships in new, engaging and unexpected ways. This is the new baseline, but we can tip the scales. PLUS is the answer for a world that changes as fast as your customers’ perceptions. We believe in the unfair advantage that happens when you bring specialist agencies to the table.

WE created and founded PLUS. It is a group of 6 independent specialist agencies, brought together under a unified brand, that offers complementary marketing and communications services. It is our strategy that helps us compete for more large, multi-faceted, global RFPs and opportunities that otherwise would go to the holding companies or agencies much larger than us. The PLUS Network offers services from communications, PR, primary research, technology/digital solutions, experiential, public affairs, and creative strategy. Visit to learn more.

PLUS is about you. Any partner can lead within the network, but you can choose one or several PLUS partners – in any combination. We apply a client-customized approach to your team, management, contracting and invoicing. And, every opportunity uses a shared methodology and workflow.


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Alan VanderMolen

President, International

Aaron Petras

Senior Vice President, International Operations & PLUS