Our Thoughts

Whoosh. Welcome to the perpetual motion machine. Today, the media landscape is moving, pulsing and constantly evolving. Brands must navigate everything from industry disruption and technology shifts to stakeholder mandates and political headwinds.

In turn, brand stories have to move with vigorous momentum and sync across every device and channel. They have to be impactful, react in real time and socialize with millions of motivated collaborators.

These narratives accelerate with new technology, jump across mediums and platforms, and leap tall buildings. That’s because the most influential and riveting stories are never static. They hum with human energy — they know what to say, when to entertain, when to listen and where to head next.

And this is why we’ve developed Brands in Motion and Stories in Motion — to help clients harness this kinetic energy to build transformative communications.

The kind with serious ROI that reaches high-impact audiences.

We advocate for brands that want to go forward instead of spinning in place or hitting reverse.

We’re global, we’re curious, we speak 37 languages and we’re not much for standing still.

We praise clients that think big and insist on even bigger.

Brands in Motion

How do brands navigate a world of motion? Find your momentum with WE’s Brands in Motion global study. Learn More »

Motion is part of every brand’s reality, and sometimes reality bites. In today’s accelerated environments, brands have less control than ever, but with less control comes more opportunity. Brands in Motion is your compass and accelerator to helping brands seize that opportunity and find momentum to propel forward.

Stories in Motion

Stories in Motion is our high dive into stories that live, breathe and pulse with energy. Get moving. Learn More »

Welcome to Stories in Motion. Are you ready to tackle the subjects of content revolution, mobile device trends, the multiplicity of new channels and consumer habits? The most influential and riveting stories are never static and always transformative. It’s time to move.


Process is dull. It’s something static that grinds and stalls — the phrase “death by committee” exists for a reason. At WE, there’s something different. MOMENTUM.

Understand and map the operational, cultural, competitive, and regulatory environment the organization lives and works in.
Define what really matters and what is doable to impact the desired audience.
Create a way to deliver on the insight(s) that will inspire audiences to act. What is the overall expression and what are the core components to support it?
Activate across the most powerful media ecosystem, and create a prioritized plan of action.
Measure in real-time and over time performance. Optimize and refine content based on strengths and weaknesses.

Think of it as our strategic blueprint to engineer the perfect story and drive results that matter. It's fine-tuned with context, expert insight, brought to life with inspiration, executed with purposeful action and measured by impact. Each phase leverages the previous to drive better ideas, better approaches and better outcomes that propel our clients forward. To stay ahead of industry curves and outpace competitors, brands and their stories must keep moving forward. They need MOMENTUM.