The history of WE

WE has always been anchored in the art of the plot twist: infinite curiosity, meaningful communications, trusted expertise, enduring relationships – and trademark irreverence.

Our passion for sharing even the hardest stories starts with our founder, Melissa Waggener, whose father taught her how things work. That pure delight in shaping meaning through story inspired a lifelong quest to unite and ignite the world with purposeful communications. Melissa found the perfect (read: feisty) partner in Pam Edstrom, compatriot in vision-building and story-making.

As the first female-founded and independent PR agency, we bet that technology would change the world – and we have been resolute on that bet as we propel the world forward through chaotic, tech-fueled change.

Now, we are WE, a team of story makers who trail blaze daily into the hard questions of “Why” and “So What.” We do this because purpose continues to live in our every corner: WE are fearless in clearing the path to your greatest possibility, committed to telling your best story, and intent on raising up a new generation of storymakers who are passionate about your staying power.

Welcome to WE. Your unwritten plot twist lives here.

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