A Statement from Melissa Waggener Zorkin, Global CEO & Founder

I am speaking out with many emotions as we bear witness to the country’s anguish following the horrific death of George Floyd and unspeakable suffering of his family in Minneapolis, and the resulting protests that have spread throughout the United States. 

I am here to say that WE is committed to being an anti-racist community with zero tolerance for hate, discrimination and injustice. WE stands for dignity, civil discourse, justice and equality. WE is an advocate of human rights and equality for all regardless of race, gender and sexual orientationWe do not condone the violence that has beset our country in any way. The murder of George Floyd is symbolic of the systemic racism embedded through institutions in our country that have targeted black Americans. We stand in solidarity for reform and are committed to taking action as a company to drive change. If we are silent, then we are complicit. We are all called to take action and live up to protect and defend human rights and dignity for all.  

This change starts from within. 

Call to Honor. 
Honor the countless lives lost to unacceptable and senseless acts of unjust violence and systemic racism. 

Call to Reflect. 
Reflect on your own purpose, conscience, and your role in moving people to positive action. 

Call to Act. 
Take actions rooted in understanding.  

This week’s tragedies happened at a time of global heartbreak as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread throughout the world. An event that continues to inflict hardship and suffering, and which has further revealed inequities in the world. It is a difficult time and I ask, please, that we come together, bridge divides, and build stronger communities as we lead with our humanity. 


In solidarity,