Neha Mehrotra

Executive Vice President, Client Centricity and National Head

Executive Vice President, Client Centricity and National Head - PR 

As Avian WE’s executive vice president, Client Centricity and National Head - PR, Neha Mehrotra spearheads the agency’s large businesses, campaign planning and new business initiatives. 

Armed with 16 years of industry experience, Neha began her work with Avian WE (back when it was known as Avian Media) at its infancy, working with only two clients to its name, Airbus and Sona. Today, Neha is responsible for supervising over 30 accounts such as Samsung, Amazon, Phillips and Facebook to name a few, as well as managing almost 50% of the agency’s revenues. During Neha’s time at Avian WE, she’s created several programs for the agency, one being Clients for Life, which is instrumental in maintaining client satisfaction and managing feedback. Neha has also invested heavily into the agency’s awards program, using her insights into different areas of communications, planning and execution to help steer the agency in the right direction. In 2011 she created Avian WE’s Avianites’ Contribution to Excellence (ACE) Awards, to encourage better work through recognition. Every year, new categories are introduced to help raise the bar and encourage employees to be more innovative when writing their entries and reviewing every entry. This knowledge and the agency’s undefeated hard work have helped Avian WE produce stellar results at various awards such as the SABRE Awards South AsiaFulcrum Awards, PR Awards India and IPRCCA, to name a few.  

Neha’s work and impressive career hasn’t gone unnoticed, and she was recently recognized as?one of the Women to Watch in 2019 APAC, as well as winning Emerging Leader of the Year Award at the Future Leaders Summit in October 2018 and being shortlisted for PR Week Asia’s PR Professional of the Year Award in 2016. A believer in change, Neha has also made it her mission to bring more women together in PR, as one of the founding members of the Indian chapter of Women in PR to discuss the future of the industry and help bring more gender balance in the boardroom and mentor the future women in the PR industry.  

Outside work, Neha does not stop building women to become great leaders as she devotes her time to her two-year-old daughter, watching her grow and become ever curious about the world around her. 



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