The global media ecosystem is constantly evolving. We’re crafting a new kind of agency — one that helps clients navigate that motion and reach their audiences anywhere, anyhow, and on any channel. Here are some insights from our best and brightest — because you don’t bring traditional PR and integrated communications together without a few big ideas.

Business Continuity & COVID-19

Months into the pandemic, business leaders in China are picking up the pieces of their 2020 plans and figuring out what the “new normal” might look like. From crisis preparedness to building brand equity in a radically changed world, WE looks to China for a glimpse of life after the coronavirus.

Creativity vs. Everything

Data helps us connect to customers in a thousand ways, but is our obsession with analytics and optimization killing brands’ creative souls? WE’s new whitepaper explores over-optimization, the “sea of sameness,” and new processes to ensure your brand’s creative approach is future-proof.


The healthcare industry is one of the most innovative industries in the world — so why do healthcare brands have such a hard time connecting with consumers? Our Brands in Motion healthcare whitepaper has the answers, and a new imperative for brands looking to stand out.

Purpose in China

How should brands lead purposefully in a market that’s still figuring out what “purpose” means? WE’s new report digs into strategies and learnings for brands seeking to define and act on their purpose in China. 



Brands in Motion

How do brands navigate a world of motion? How do they meet consumer expectations that grow higher every year? Find your momentum with WE’s Brands in Motion global study.



Leading with Purpose

WE believes in the power of communications to move people to positive action. In 2019, WE partnered with Quartz Insights to uncover industry leaders’ newest thinking on how brands can best take a stand on social issues and lead with bold purpose.



Fortifying Consumer Protection in E-commerce

How can brands keep consumers safe in India's rapidly evolving e-commerce sector? Chase India has the answers.

Four Strategies to Tell Your Health Innovation Story With Impact

How can the healthcare industry finally start to own its innovation story? WE global health team explains how.

Artificial Intelligence and the New Imperative for Communicators

What communicators need to know about the implications of AI on the communication industry, brands, and the world.