The global media ecosystem is constantly evolving. We’re crafting a new kind of agency — one that helps clients navigate that motion and reach their audiences anywhere, anyhow, and on any channel. Here are some insights from our best and brightest — because you don’t bring traditional PR and integrated communications together without a few big ideas.


How do brands navigate a world of motion? How do they meet consumer expectations that grow higher every year? Find your momentum with WE’s Brands in Motion global study.


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Brands In Motion Whitepaper


Brands in Motion 2018

The big global takeaways and market shifts, including which categories are rising and falling, and powerful new consumer expectations and fears.


Health Tech Culture Clash Whitepaper


The Health Tech Culture Clash

How communicators can bridge the gap between fast-moving iterative tech culture and the cautious, regulation-aware healthcare industry.


America in Motion Whitepaper


America In Motion

Consumers expect brands to take a stand. But how should brand communicators mitigate risk and segment audiences in a divided country?




Alan VanderMolen's 2019 Industry Predictions

By Alan VanderMolen

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Building out the Toolbox: Welcome, WE Codeword

By Kass Sells

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Brands in Motion: Ethical Leadership in a World on the Move

By Melissa Waggener Zorkin

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