One of the largest communications agencies in the world, WE helps innovative brands tell tech stories grounded in humanity. Female-founded, female-led and fiercely independent, WE believes in the power of communication to move people to positive action. Our proprietary Brands in Motion insights helps leaders navigate the path forward with critical data and future-focused counsel to successfully connect with their audiences.

For more than 30 years, WE has put people at the center of our business. We build real and meaningful relationships with clients and influencers, execute work that connects with the audience’s head and heart, and communicate with bold purpose.

WE Leadership

We've spent decades finding the best minds in the industry and putting them in the best positions to help clients.

Our story

WE began in 1983 with two women and an idea that would change communications forever.

Our work

WE's expertise in communications drives results.


We value diverse perspectives and strive to foster a culture that rewards passion, creative thinking and growth.

Young Changemakers 

We champion young communicators who identify as women through our co-sponsored industry award. 

Corporate Citizenship

We strive to live our purpose in a sustainable and responsible way, making a positive social, environmental and economic impact.


WE Leadership gathers in New York City for PRWeek Awards 2019