Kass Sells at SPECTRA 2020

November 28, 2020

SOURCE: https://spectraonline.in/

Spectra 2020 Reputation Management Conference

When: November 28, 2020

Where: Virtual

About: In times of crisis, does purpose still matter?

In 2020, unprecedented forces are coming together and causing seismic shifts in corporate culture and the ways brands relate to their customers, their employees and the world. It’s never been more important to operate with purpose, and never more crucial to do so with authenticity. Purpose is the reason your brand exists, but in times of global crisis, when brands are struggling to stay afloat, does purpose still matter?

Keynote session video: Kass Sells SPECTRA Day 1

With:  Kass Sells, WE Communications’ Global Chief Operating Officer and president of international will discuss why purpose shouldn’t be the first thing to be cut but is, in fact, an important strategic tool in navigating times of crisis. Attendees will walk away with a better understanding of why purpose is now an essential lens through which communications leaders should evaluate all activity, from the fundamentals of their business strategy through to customer, client and employee communications.